Nolvadex and its use in the treatment of metastatic forms of breast cancer

Nolvadex is the trade name for the prescription drug Tamoxifen and is widely used in the treatment of breast cancer, as well as reducing the chances of breast cancer occurring in patients that are at a much higher risk. It has essentially been labeled as "the backbone" of breast cancer treatment medicine while first being produced back in the 1960's.

Uses of Nolvadex

Research by dr. Rogers indicates that Nolvadex is sometimes also prescribed for the treatment of ovarian cancers.  The dosage that is recommended is about 20mg on a daily basis for 5 years maximum, and there's not much data supporting the results after those 5 years have been allotted for. It's been proven to set women at a very high risk for uterine problems, having strokes, as well as sporatic pulmonary embolisms that proved to be fatal. It is available in small, round, white oral tablets of 10 or 20 mg and should always be used very cautiously due to its severe effects that can happen to the body.  

What is tamoxifen used for in bodybuilding?

In the bodybuilding world Nolvadex is currently being used as a prep drug. This drug is used as a steroid for many contests that are held in that profession. It is considered an estrogen blocker or an antiestrogen which will in turn produce better results for people in the bodybuilding world. They're constantly looking for ways to improve their performance while maintaining the proper levels of hormones and nutrition within their specific body type. It primarily helps with boosting testerone levels for higher performance levels as well as giving great water retention during competition. Bodybuilders are also adding Nolvadex to their regimens to help with improving muscle growth.

According to the article produced in 2011 by newswire a majority of bodybuilders use this prescription drug to prep their body and stay healthy for the majority, and then switch over to Letrozole for the last 8 weeks in their competition cycle for that extra boost. It is highly recommended that they do not combine Nolvadex with steroids labeled Deca or Trenbolone, and it is very half and half whether or not it should be used at all. Reports of strange lumps growing around bodybuilders mammary glands in the late 70's was recorded, and in turn literally grew gynecomastia's. After 25 years of using this drug intensely without the proper research alot of people deem it to be unsafe, while some builders still use it moderately for their personal performance. 

What does Nolvadex do for males?

A study posted back in 2011 shows the results of men who took Nolvadex. Men who are diagnosed with having a rare case of breast cancer where prescribed this drug and 20% of them stopped treatment due to their own decision or by doctors orders simply because the side effects were too harsh.

Can Nolvadex cause erectile dysfunction?

Their effects included weight gain, neurocognitive issues, blood clots, problems with vision, sexual inabilities (erectile dysfunction), and hot flashes. Symptoms that were less known included depression, GI issues, and problems sleeping properly. The general side effects of taking this highly potent prescription drug are not to be taken lightly. Reports of hot flashes, aches in muscles, numb or skin tingling, cramps in various parts of the legs, nausea, and hair that thins out or simply falls out are labeled as happening when taking this drug.